Welcome to the Lendwirtschaft

1 family, 4 living spaces made of wood, straw and clay (and some more)

 We want to transform our former farmhouse in Hall in Tirol, built in 1949, into an apartment house with 4 living spaces. We try to build as ecological as possible, using mainly wood, straw, clay and chalk. We are three siblings Veronika, Emmanuel and Christina and our goal with this project is also the process of having a good time while contructing with volunteers, great craftsmen and women and curious friends. At the moment we produce our own clay plaster and are still looking for volunteers to give Masters of Dirt a new meaning. You are very welcome to contact us!


The Schmölzis

Die Lendwirtschaft











Familie Schmölz

Lendgasse 9

6060 Hall in Tirol